70's era

The history of a  Greek soccer team in Regina began in the 70's. There was only 1 distinct team although it had a few name changes, Doxa, Apollon, for example, but nonetheless, there was a greek team. I will add more info as it comes available about the 70"s era.

80's era

The 80's were an exciting time because there was a boom in our greek community with a lot of kids being born. Eventually by the late 80's, greek talents were starting to show amongst ,8,9, and 10 year olds.  The major reason for this was the formation of the Queen City South United Soccer Club. The majority of the Greek community lived in the south end of Regina and with new soccer fields,it was a perfect opportunity for the kids to get exercise and be part of a team. In late 1988 or 1989, One of the original teams, QC SKYHAWKS-1st year then QC TORNADOES all years after, had up to 8 greek kids playing on the same team, little did they know at the time, but a dynasty was being built.
Indoor soccer at the time was becoming more popular in the 1980's, as the young greek QC players were indulging in soccer in both summer and winter. As most of the young boys reached 10 years old, they had already captured a city championship.
There were other young teen greek players playing soccer , for other teams at this time, but at an older age group but there were no collective greeks playing together as established in the younger team.

90's era

The 90's were a very good decade for greek soccer in Regina. The formation of Olympiakos Regina was founded. The most successful greek team in Regina had won 7 city championships and 4 provincial titles. In the late 90's , in Lloydminister or North Battleford(I forget) , Olympiakos was kicked out of provincials for not showing up to a semi final game- As i remembered, the organizers of the tourney moved the semi final from 1200 noon to 830 am and supposedly Olympiakos was contacted.  Further more, the team hadnt lost a game the whole season until by default. The team did however go to the final game and started booing and chanting profanity to the organizers. It was our finest hour. The streak of 4 straight provincial titles came to an end. No one really liked us, but that was understandable because we won almost every game.The main Greek players at this time were George Selimos, Jim Volikas, Gus Giannoutsos,Jim Markatos, Chris Kangles, Paul (skinny) Gardikiotis.

The 90's also had a group of greek kids playing on the infamous Queen City Tornadoes soccer team. The team played together for most of the decade so their understanding of their teammates made them potential threats every year for not just a city championship, but provincial championships. The team had started at Under 10 and played together mostly till Under 17 or Under 19. The main Greek players at this time were Mike Agelopoulos, Tom Gotsoulias, Jimi Cabylis, and Peter Makris. This team had won countless tournaments, city championships, and provincial championships during the decade but when they got old enough, they would soon have to play against theMens Greek Team Olympiakos. The QC team i believe got the best of Olympiakos in both the indoor and outdoor seasons  and soon, Olympiakos had no other choice but to recruit the young players. 

There was also a few greeks playing in divisions lower than QC Tornadoes, the main players were Zach Cabylis, Ty Cabylis,

There was also a Greek team formed for a young division in the 90's .It was called AEK. The AEK team was established by Mr Tomaras. His kid Yianni was the main greek player of the team, but also included Dimitrios Makris.

Honorable mentions go out to a few greek players who played soccer on these teams for a short period of time were, Tony Sirounis, Nik Lagodontis, Tino Makris.  If i missed anyone , let me know, im going off old team photos.

The 2000's til present

The new millenium started off slow but in 2005 , a new tournament had started, The WCP CUP. This tournament is run like the FIFA World Cup where it is  nation vs nation, with a import (heritage) ratio.The Greek team was formed in 2006 specifically for this tournament. We currently did not have a team in the indoor or outdoor league. Our first year in the tourney was mediocre, we posted a 1-1-1 record and went through to the playoffs. We had lost to Jamaica in the quarter final due to a goal that went in but the referee did not see it so the play continued. We would of led 2-1 at that point. But we lost 2-1 in the end.. The next year was our finest year. We had gone through to the playoffs and landed in the semifinals. To sum up, we were winning 2-0 with 10 minutes left to play, we lost 3-2. It really could of been 4-0 for us but i guess we werent supposed to win that day. Norway eventually won the tournament. We were in disbelief. Notable Greek players on the team were Bill Nagel, Yianni Harbis,Nikos Lagodontis(from Greece) Jonah Gardikiotis, Jim Cabylis Jr(Pauls) Yianni Cabylis.  The 2000's also had an influential Greek , who in large part, enforced the rules and laws of this great game of soccer. Jim Markatos was undoubtedbly the best referee in Regina as well as the province , and became a  Canadian National referee during this time period. Jim also became referee of the year in 2000 for the Sask Soccer Association.